Qtel and the traffic department why me ?


Qtel and the traffic department … Why me?

Days before renewing my car documents , I discovered that I have two violations , radar and driving on the opposite road direction at The Mall , I’ve paid them all because I remember the mall violation very well, I’ve learnt from this issue that this road is only one direction not two , since the establishment of the mall all cars were going down that road in both directions without violations ,,, why me ?

Three days later I went to check the car and to renew the documents but the police officer was hiding me a surprise, you have a belt violation!!!

man !!!

I asked him where? Which street ? officer !!

It’s written here that you received the violation, by both of your hands he said ,,,

I’ve checked my hands to find any blood stains, really nothing was found!!!

It was written that I received the violation but was not written in which street?

Why me?

With a mouth shut I’ve paid, and went to the toilet to wash my hands from the

blood stains

, god forgive me.

Qtel “old lady” , Thank you for respecting our stupidity.

Before Vodafone entering the competition the international calls were about 2.99 QR , and suddenly without warning it became 0.99 dirhams?
A question mark is not enough , i need a bigger one , but unfortunately it’s not available in my blog .
Is this reasonable Qtel ? Did the monopoly turn you to a big vampire?

I’ve Asked them to cancel my shahri 575 service , BlackBerry service too, after almost a month and a half I’ve found that the services are still exist, may be it was the employee’s mistake , but why me?

The Internet was disconnected at home and i was on hold for 30 to 45 minutes to hear the answer , try this, and edit that, at the end we have recorded your complaint and the experts will contact you soon maybe today or tomorrow ” you’re kidding me “, no body is calling …

I go to one of the cafes every weekend , “Thursday” in order to enjoy the fastest broad Band to find the pages slow and had the time to contact you to hear your answer after waiting for half an hour that the service is enabled and does not have any error but there may be no coverage in the region that you are in , why Me and why this particular day? Do you want to write down a complain ?
You mean shut your mouth and forget the internet !

Note: something is totally unacceptable …waiting for a nuggets meal in


and then my order went to someone else is something unacceptable , it’s my meal , it’s valuable to me …

You are following the foot steps of Qtel you McDonalds

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