Dr. Abdul Azim Hussain


It gives me a great pleasure to write a unique topic about a special Qatari Surgeon who we are all proud of. A doctor who treats his patients in a very professional way. He is a humble, kind , caring person with a great sense of humor.

I still remember the first time I met him in my first appointment

At al Ahli hospital . I cannot forget the way he welcomed me and my husband..


Our guest Is Dr. Abdul Azim Hussain

Dr. Abdul Azim
you are the best

Dr. Abdul Azim is the medical director head, senior consultant surgeon at Al Ahli hospital.


His medical school:

MBBCH( 1980), Cairo University- Egypt


Membership in professional societies:

Member of the German college of surgeons

Member of the GCC cancer Society Union

Member of the Arab Council against Cancer

Vice Chairman of Qatar Cancer Society


Special Certifications:

MBBCH-Faculty Medicine- Cairo University

German Board( Facharzt) in Abdominal Surgery and Grammatology.

Arab Board Certified Training

Diploma in Traumata logy- Sweden

Fellowship Bariatric Surgery- Austria

Advanced Fellowship in Laparoscopic Surgery- Germany



State of Qatar – National Health Authority – Medical License Number


dr.abdul azim card

I have been suffering from my thyroid gland “Goiter” for almost 7 years. Recently; it increased in size and I’ve got some remarks from my friends and relatives’ eyes 🙁 . They advised me to visit Dr. Abdul Azim since he is the best surgeon ever and he has a great experience in such conditions. Goiters are often removed because of cosmetic reasons or, more commonly, because they compress other vital structures of the neck including the trachea and the esophagus making breathing and swallowing difficult. Sometimes goiters will actually grow into the chest where they can cause trouble as well. That explains exactly what I was going through.



Let me give you more information about the thyroid gland…


thyroid gland diag
Thyroid Gland Diag

The thyroid gland is the biggest gland in the neck. It is situated in the anterior (front) neck below the skin and muscle layers. The thyroid gland takes the shape of a butterfly with the two wings being represented by the left and right thyroid lobes which wrap around the trachea. The sole function of the thyroid is to make thyroid hormone. This hormone has an effect on nearly all tissues of the body where it increases cellular activity. The function of the thyroid, therefore, is to regulate the body’s metabolism.


Common Thyroid Problems




The thyroid gland is prone to several very distinct problems, some of which are extremely common. These problems can be broken down into [1] those concerning the production of hormone (too much, or too little), [2] those due to increased growth of the thyroid, causing compression of important neck structures or simply appearing as a mass in the neck, [3] the formation of nodules or lumps within the thyroid which are worrisome for the presence of thyroid cancer, and [4] those which are cancerous. Each thyroid topic is addressed separately and illustrated with actual patient x-rays and pictures to make them easier to understand. The information on this web site is arranged to give you more detailed and complex information as you read further.

For extra information you can visit these web sites…

EndocrineWebABC Health & Wellbeing

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for your superior care while I was undergoing treatment after the surgery at Al Ahli hospital. Thank you for your tremendous skill in performing my operation. Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. You are truly a lifesaver. Thank you, never enough.


I especially appreciated the straight-forward way in which you communicated with my condition. It’s not easy for me to hear what you had to tell me about the necessity of doing the surgery as soon as possible , and the need for medication for my entire life,  you handled the situation with care and grace. You let me feel so comfortable and everything will be just fine..

My recently improved health is a credit to your expertise and attentiveness. I will be certain to continue to recommend you to everyone I know my dear Dr.

Overall my health has improved and I’d just like to extend my appreciation for this positive outcome. I’m much happier now that my neck has been cured. It’s affected my everyday life, and I feel so much better now.

I want to say thank you to all the dedicated doctors and nurses who took care of me during my three days stay at Al Ahli Hospital as well..

With My Best Regards 🙂


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    To win friends, even if he’s your dentist

    Brilliant Post! keep posting

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