Qatar Tower


Architectural project for a young Qatari girl at a secondary school, She says the idea came into my mind to make a tower design which takes shape of Qatar map, and be the first to its kind in the world. To represent in form and content of the national spirit of Qatari nationals.

Work Steps:

A-Search in books and Web sites that have the concepts of architecture.

B-Get the criteria and the measurements of similar towers and buildings.

C-Sketch it down on paper

D-Use the Sketchup 5 program to draw a picture of the tower.

on Sketchup 5 program

E-Discuss the project with one engineer to find a better solution for the final drawing, and how it could look like.

Discuss the project with one engineer

F-Get the Intellectual property rights on the design
Ground Floor
Ground Floor
The rest of the floors
The rest of the floors

Top floor.
Qatar Tower

We all proud of you 🙂

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    • مرحبا أخوي عبدالله

      أشكرك على صراحتك 😛

      بس لنتناقش بصورة هادفة ولتقنعني ولأقنعك

      ماهو مقصدك بكلمة “ماله أي قيمة معمارية”..؟!

      ..أقف هنا لنكمل نقاشنا..

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