Look behind you


We believed in freedom of the press, for it, we issued a variety of newspapers, Islamic, liberal and the non-affiliation.
We believed in freedom of religions, for it, we built a church it could be the largest in the Middle East.
We believed in resident freedom to move from one job to another, and here we are in the process of extracting the law to eliminate the bail.




We believed that investment is not only for citizens, for it, we have issued a property law for foreigners to own assets for ninety-nine years.

We believed in the competition freedom as what capitalists believed in, therefore we have made the process of Qatarization a singing logo to shut up the mouths of the Qataries.

It’s a long list if we really give that a look, really will be a long list.


I am not praising my country here, my country has its disadvantages and has the privacy of our society, our customs and traditions, that privacy and those customs and traditions, we are proud of and respect of, other people should respect it if they wish or not.



Proud to be Qatari

Before criticizing my country, please look behind you and find what your country made for you, before criticizing my people look behind you, see and compare.

I invite you to read in our religion, I invite you to really read in the scientific miracle of the Quran.

If you know that we Muslims traveled throughout the whole world, and this means that we have complete civilizations of all people, this means that we understand you.

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