Qatar National Day


Qatar my beloved ,,,
O magnificence of feeling in our hearts , you are the genuineness inside us.
Morning lovely Qatar,
Morning of loyalty,
Morning of appreciation.

Qatar Flag

Qatar, do you know ? That ,,,

You are not just a piece of land, and you are not only an open space.
You are our sense of security , rooted in depth of our hearts.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani
Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani

You are that sense of belonging , and when we say Qatar it waves in our eyes a picture of a great man, a man who gave us care and the meaning of giving without limits.
We learned patience in the difficulties from this man who gave us everything , and most expensive things “living and prosperity”.


A man who we loved , and we still love . Because he is,the land,the home,the protection,the father….

Way to Qatar
Way to Qatar

sir, please rely on us to build our Qatar , Land of our grandfathers,,,
We dedicate you our gratitude and appreciation for everything you are doing for us ,,,

The sea
The sea

You are the story of our grandfathers.
If we traveled , longing carries us back to you, and alienation is a prison without your land and your sky.


Happy National Day Abu Meshaal.
Happy National Day of Qatar to all of you.

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1 تعليق

  1. My Dear Husband Saud,

    It gives me a great pleasure to comment on your special topic on the occasion of QATAR NATIONAL DAY….

    Your site in General is So nice .. You are always a talented young man Ma Sha Allah… Thank you sweetie for everything you do and create …

    Happy National Day to you and to all citizins and expatriates in Qatar ….


    Best Regards ,,

    Your Wife


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