There may be some different views on the Qatarization process 
from the demanders of Qatarization to disbelievers، and scared people.

As we are Qataries, we notice this issue in our institutions and our companies, both the governmental and the energetic sectors. 
Particularly, the energy sector as it includes disciplines must be filled with the Qataries through a training program and getting the skills which studied for the requirements.

I may have some doubts about how this process will be on the ground, and if this process really  exists ?

The main question is,.. Is Qatarization applied in our companies or not? …

I don’t see the process, because it requires training in order to motivate Qataries on the skills required to fill. 
And for this reason there should be a supervisory center for this process, inside and outside the institution or company and be effective, and do not forget the important point, internal motivation of the young Qatari. There should be a penalty for any company that is slowing down the process of Qatarization. The existence of this large number of foreigners or expatriates who understand Qatarization in a wrong way، like a ghost or a declaration of war on them, 
there for, they are fighting Qataries…. I personally didn’t find a company who exercised Qatarization and gave a foreigner his termination , only rarely.

This will only happen in cases of decrease of expenses, on the other hand, problems by this person. 
I want to say, we are not enemies of you and not against you at all, we have a wish to Learn, we wish to give Qatar its rights to us. 
We Have no right to play with the livelihoods of people, who left their counties to earn a living in our country.

We want to develop the Qatari as a human intellectually, Scientifically, Culturally, and administratively.

We hope to see the Qatari traffic policeman, records violation and explains to you by the text of the law, your rights and the right of the road on you.

We hope to see the Qatari Eng, who is designing the extract gas operation from A to Z.

Aggression to the Qatari in our companies is clear, the existence of a Qatari person among you means the existence of danger, 
don’t say no and don’t say that i am exaggerating in this topic.

Be our friend, not being challenged, and be sure of yourself, and your abilities.

And don’t hate Qatar.    🙂

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  1. I often heard the same from young graduates in Kuwait – that the expats, who have been working in these fields for years, won’t give them enough information to do their jobs, afraid that they will be let go. So it becomes a battle for control, for information, and everyone ends up losing.

    There are some really excellent educational programs in Qatar, preparing the young to step into the leadership roles. Expat managers question just how hard Qatteris are willing to work? Will they be willing to give up their long summer vacations to manage electrical and water problems? Just which jobs will the Qatteris be willing to do, and where do they draw the line and feel the work is beneath their dignity?

    This is one of the best blog entries I have seen dealing with the problem from the local point of view. You are right – aggression gets us nowhere. How do we solve the problems?

    • Thank you Intlxpatr very much for participating
      To answer your question.
      You may be having a very old image of the young Qatari.
      At Qtel for example, you will find Qataries staff working until sunrise
      And while I’m typing this reply, one of my friends who’s an Engineer at Qatar Petroleum , is now in the middle of Mesaieed’s sea, he will finish his shift at nine am.
      My Boss does not return home before nine pm.
      Believe me, the old image of young Qataries has gone and changed.

  2. first of all i just wounder about the usage of English lang. !!

    Second, Qatarization is not applied as much as it should in Qatari companies, and this is a very old subject that goes on and on all the time. i think we should go beyond having Qataries employed in companies to apply qatarization. Qatarization should be a comprehensive concept that stresses the presence of Qatari, Arab, Islamic culture in every aspect of this country, which has started the ‘globalization’ route!

    i wounder sometimes why do try to be like western countries in everything. why do we have to be as western as possible to seem professional?? that does not make anysence… why dont we make a culture experince for those ex. managers like what happens in Japan for example! why do we force Local to be as western as possible to communicate with forigners while it would value much more for us as Qatari to educate ppl much more about us !

    i donot have answer for this ‘globalized’ trend that ppl insist on these day

    • Why we’re Blogging in English?

      We can say due to the presence of many foreign friends in Qatar, who are responding with the site, we have received various responses to our subjects and so many emails, the number of visits received satisfies any author. Some of them don’t reply on the topics instead they prefer to send an email or adding me to their Yahoo .

      This does not mean we’re not going to work on an Arabic version , which will see the light soon.

      From brother to brother, I’m not optimistic, I do not think I’m going to get the same visits.

      Man, when you write an article, you want to read people’s responses, their opinions, ideas, and advice, Not copy and paste the topic in forums.

      You are the second Qatari person who replied.

  3. same here, I worked with lots of western people, and sadly they are abusing the system keep travling and enjoying their time while throwing all work on my shoulders and when it comes for showing the results I am not invited to these meetings, where they say you have a lower grade and we are directors! however sadly enough I didnt find any support from our HR.. Qatarisation is a myth is many companies here

  4. My dear friend… Assalamulaiku….

    I’m comletely agreeing with your view points. No expats should have apprehension about the Qatarization drive. I belive Allah is the sole provider of bread and butter for all the living being in the universe, including the humas. Those who have firm belive in this, shall never get worried about the Qatarization process. However, I don’t think that Qatqaris would be willing to work for companies like any mobile operating company installing towers in the hot summer of May-August or any construciton company carring out projects in the site except it is a highly paid Govt. company. Most of the Qataris i know, usually do not wish to work for a private company. And after the hefty increase in the salaries of govt. staff, no one would wish to work for private companies, as private companies cannot afford to provide high salaries for which a Qatari national would be willing to work, for it is a competitive wolrd, and no company wants to make losses. So, making the recruitment of Qataris mandatory can be one of the options for rapid Qatarization process. … this is what i feel.

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