What happened to you dear old man?
What happened to you my office mate?
Hey NBA hero, what happened to you?

You left the world like a stranger.

Dude 1979

I remember your calls, your voice messages, your Stories, how did you meet your wife, who was one of your fans, when you were a basketball player.

“Hello Saud, Eid Mubarak to you and to all your family, miskeen Saud you became old, we invented the telephone to receive calls, why are you not answering?! “
This voice message is ringing in my ears.

Dude in speech

I remember when he taught me; Curiosity killed the cat and how I laughed with him on this American say.

And how much I enjoyed rap songs, owned by this old American.
I remember when Obama won, the joy was unspeakable.
Blacks won the challenge; I told you it is America.

I’m Very sad that you left.
I’m Very sad that I will not see you again.
I’m Very sad because you did not send me a voice message for the New Year.


I remember when I tried to translate him a poem by Nizar Qabbani.
“When will you know how much I Love you man ، I sell for him the world and what inside it”

Dude 2009

Sleep in peace old man and leave sadness to us.

From Allah we all came to Allah we shall all return

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